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To develop Yeganeh Sanat Ventilation Company (YESTCO), Guilan Air Conditioning and Installation House was established. Thanks to more than 70 workforces and 10 years of experience and relying on valuable involvement, the two companies aim to sell, design, and implement advanced industrial and home air conditioning systems and provide after-sales service for advanced and intelligent air conditioning systems. Undoubtedly, since its establishment, the support and responsibility of experienced and specialized colleagues and engineers have had a great impact on achieving the company’s goals and implementing large provincial and national projects. Certainly, cooperation and efforts of all personnel are the main reason for the success. Moreover, one of the most important goals of the company is professional training, which distinguishes us from others.

The company has always tried to keep its knowledge and information up-to-date by using new and advanced equipment and providing specialized advice by holding specialized courses for its personnel to provide the highest quality and most standard services for the customers.

Since the company intends to provide quality products and services and raise customer satisfaction, the main goals and directives are continuous cooperation of personnel with employers and timely project execution.


Providing and installing specialized cooling and heating systems:

– Cool SCREW and SCROLL condensing chillers

– Air washer Fan coil

– Intelligent Mini VRF and VRF cooling systems

– Specialized multiplex and duct split cooling systems

– Design and installation of hospital medical gas

Several features of the company:

– More than 10 years of experience in providing the highest quality services in the field of air conditioning systems

– Unparalleled variety in products, equipment as well as how to design and execute projects

– Continuous value creation for customers (we consider customers as our business partners)

– Providing specialized advice to customers along with monitoring and designing the map according to the type of customer activity

– Providing quality products and reasonable prices to customer requests according to the budget and tastes of customers

– Providing services, support, service, and maintenance of projects and products

– Responsibility and response to the customer regarding the execution of the timely service as the customer wishes

– Fruitful experience in presenting the product of the most prestigious Iranian and world brands.

– Experienced human capital with a brilliant track record in sales, installation, and service of air conditioning systems

– Providing the highest quality products and services and after-sales warranty to customers

– Establishing continuous communication with customers and providing appropriate offers at different times and occasions

– Having involved in the production and national economy by creating jobs for individuals has made these two groups leaders in the ventilation and refrigeration industry in Gilan province.

Professional workplace and the path to progress:

Since its establishment, the company has been on the path of growth and development and by creating a professional and friendly environment, the company could nurture and grow highly committed personnel. Some important features of the work environment include a sense of responsibility, commitment, empathy and intimacy, job security, mutual respect, human dignity, and a sense of growth and development. The staff strives to be committed to their own and their colleague’s success.

Product selection

One of the most important services that we provide to the customers is the supply and source of commodities that they require from domestic and foreign brands. However, the equipment and products required for each project are selected from the best sources. We guarantee the originality of products that are delivered to the customer.

Competitive growth and development:

Every company has advantages and capabilities that are different from competing companies that create conditions for customers to make informed decisions with a more and better choices than to buy their products and orders. Furthermore, the competitive advantage of each set is a unique proficiency, which accelerates the growth procedure of the set and allows the company to penetrate the markets and outshine the competitors.

The company’s competitive advantages are:

– Market research and analysis with the knowledge and skills to properly understand customer demands;

– Use of advanced technologies in design and implementation;

– Project analysis and installation procedure to reduce costs as much as possible;

– Use of specialized and efficient manpower with sufficient knowledge and skills of managers and employees;

– Increase the quality of specialized products and equipment;

– Increase skills and capability in providing customer service;

– Variety in products and more power of choice of customers;

– Due to date delivery;

– A stable relationship with customers accompanied by reviewing and measuring customer satisfaction;

– Exclusive after-sales service and value creation for the customer;

– Nationwide technical services and support;

In a nutshell, a competitive advantage is a company’s value to its customers and includes a set of factors or capabilities that always empower a company to outshine its competitors.

Support & Furtherance

Customers benefit from the right to ensure the quality of the services for which they pay. However, to respect the rights of customers as well as deliver services or equipment sold to customers, we support customers by establishing an operational department.  Moreover, to serve the customers immediately, the company has appointed several experts in the city to be present at the site if required.

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یکی از اصول کاری ما بر این است که پیش از هر چیزی منافع مشتری را در نظر گرفته، شاید فکر کنید که این اصل با منافع مالی شرکت منافات دارد اما باید به شما بگویم که همین اصل باعث شده است تا اعتماد مشتریان جلب گردد. این اصل حتی در جهت پیشرفت بالا در روند کاری پروژه ها نیز به ما کمک نموده است.

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کیفیت اجرایی از دیگر اصول مهم تیم ما می باشد، محصولات و تجهیزات ما با حساسیت توسط کارشناسان متخصص در علم سیستم های تهویه مطبوع انتخاب شده اند تا علاوه بر داشتن استاندارد ، کیفیت بالا ، کارایی طولانی مدت ، رضایت مشتریان و کارفرمایان را به همراه داشته باشند وهمچنین با ایجاد یک دپارتمان فعال جهت پشتیبانی به صورت تمام وقت در کنار شما مشتریان هستیم.

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شرکت ما با تکیه بر تجارب ارزشمند ، با هدف فعالیت در زمینه طراحی و اجرای سیستم های تهویه مطبوع بی تردید از بدو تاسیس تاکنون با همراهی و همدلی بسیار ارزشمند همکاران و مهندسان مجرب ، پروژه های بسیاری را در سطح کشور به انجام رسانده ، مسلماً همکاری جمعی و تلاش تمامی همکاران عزیز، عامل اصلی موفقیت این شرکت بوده است.

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